CPTED Reports

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), aka Safer By Design in NSW

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a relatively new discipline that aims to reduce crime by designing the built environment according to a set of guidelines.

CPTED is based on the idea that many offenders make a cost/benefit analysis of their actions prior to committing a crime. CPTED methods aim to maximise the risk and effort of committing a crime while minimising the benefits and opportunities of committing that crime.

CPTED also identifies ways to make places and spaces feel safer, which leads to increased use of an area, which in turn improves natural surveillance and deters offenders.

In NSW, CPTED is largely administered by Safer By Design, a co-operative made up of NSW Police, local councils, government departments and private sector organisations. Octagon Planning structures its CPTED reports according to Safer By Design guidelines.

Safer By Design identifies seven key areas where CPTED principles can be applied: surveillance; lighting/technical supervision; territorial reinforcement; environmental maintenance; activity and space management; access control; design/definition/designation.

Octagon Planning’s CPTED Reports begin with a Crime Risk Assessment that summarises local crime statistics and known crime methods before using a 100-point checklist to evaluate the proposed development with reference to the seven key areas above.

What developments need a CPTED Report?

Council requirements vary across the state but as a general rule, a CPTED report will be required for large developments such as residential flat buildings, or high-risk developments such as licensed premises or service stations.

Who can produce a CPTED Report?

In New South Wales, CPTED reports must be prepared by a suitably qualified practitioner – that is, someone who has completed the NSW Police Safer By Design course. Octagon Planning’s team have been preparing CPTED reports since 2012.

How much does a CPTED Report Cost?

Fees for a CPTED report vary according to the complexity of the development. If you engage Octagon Planning to prepare both planning and CPTED reports we can offer a generous discount. Contact us for a quote for your project.