Heritage Planning

Our registered heritage consultant prepares Statements of Heritage Impact (SOHI) for developments that have potential to impact on a heritage item.

Some councils use the term Heritage Impact Report (HIR).

What is a heritage item?

Heritage items can be buildings, structures, places, relics or other works of historical, aesthetic, social, technical/research or natural heritage significance. ‘Places’ include conservation areas, sites, precincts,
gardens, landscapes and areas of archaeological potential.

Do I need a Statement of Heritage Impact?

As a general rule, a Statement of Heritage Impact will be required for works:

  • on a heritage item; or
  • on the same lot as a heritage item; or
  • on a lot adjacent to a heritage item; or
  • within a heritage conservation area.

How do I find out if there are heritage items in or around my development?

There are a few free online tools to find heritage items:

Find a Property – enter your address, click Planning Layers, and under Primary Planning Matters tick Heritage. This will show you any heritage items in the vicinity.

NSW Legislation – go to “Browse” and under EPIs find your Local Environmental Plan. Heritage items are listed under Schedule 5. This is the first document to be updated when new heritage items are added.

NSW Environment and Heritage – this tool allows you to search by local government area, suburb and even street. It can take some time for newly listed heritage items to appear on this site, so use the tools above first. This tool is useful for identifying exactly what is listed (for example, on a large rural site a farmhouse could be listed but outbuildings not).

Alternatively, contact us or your local council.

What’s included in a Statement of Heritage Impact?

A Statement of Heritage Impact addresses:

  • why the item is of heritage significance
  • what impact the proposed development will have on the item’s heritage significance
  • how negative impacts are to be mitigated
  • other options considered, including any more sympathetic solutions


The SOHI must explain “how the heritage value of an item is to be conserved, or preferably enhanced, by the proposed development. This could involve stabilisation and repair work, restoration, reconstruction or redevelopment for a new use.” (Office of Environment and Heritage)

A SOHI should be supported by thorough research, site photographs, supporting documentation and a list of references.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote for your Statement of Heritage Impact.